Threads – Introducing Meta’s 5 minutes IG status.

Meta on July 5th, 2023, launched a text-sharing app which turned out to be an overnight success. But with most people still unaware of its existence and usage; here’s a brief introduction to Threads.


What is Threads?

Threads app logo

Threads is a text-sharing app built by the Instagram team, to share quick daily updates and join public conversations.

People overnight figured out it can be used to interact with public figures and other connections with just interlinked comments to one another.

Posting on Threads is now termed “Threading” by the Social Lingo experts, as one update by an individual is laced by other commentators; as well as your list of posts also acts as your unique list of threads.



Threads features

A thread can log up to 500 characters wherein you can include links, photos, videos, and gifs with 5 minutes of length.

It was the people who figured out the use of this app, according to their convenience.

With added upgrades,

Now you can not only share a thread to your story but on your DMs too,

The new ‘Mention’ button easily helps to mention others,

One can also add alt text to their photos and videos,

Automatic Translation and so much more.

The most impeccable feature of the app is being able to interact with any user one on one.

One of the major turn-offs caught by users about the app is that, ‘deleting your Threads account can delete your Instagram account’ as they are interlinked. The IG team is working on the glitch, but currently, the option to deactivate is operable and secure.



Meta’s Introduction to Threads app

User experience

Users to post their daily personal or business updates, follow-up or promotional links, emotions, thoughts, opinions, influential content and much more.

It was a calculated risk by Meta and Instagram developers to let their audience’s creativity take course to demonstrate how broadly Threads can be used.

Even better Marketing and R&D are carried out, as the developers are actively connecting and replying to their audience through the app. All because they are using their audience’s input and guidelines to better the app and enhance user experience even more.


Twitter or Threads?

Threads vs Twitter

With the launch of the app, came the internet waging war between ‘Tweeting’ and ‘Threading’ due to the modus operandi of the app being identical to each other.

With Instagram popular with the Gen-Z and Millenials, Threads is a popular option. Whereas, Twitter being senior to Threads has its perks.

The staunch followers of Musk and Zuckerberg and their Tech rivalry also account for the success of both apps including other causes, but somehow the matter of preference triumphs over all arguments about which app is better.


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