New Renault Duster: A Revival of Style and Performance in the Mid-Size SUV Segment, Price Starts with 10 Lakhs only

New Renault Duster: The arrival of the Renault Duster marked a significant chapter in the Indian automobile landscape, introducing a mid-size SUV when such a category was still scarce. With its captivating design and premium features, the Renault Duster quickly gained favor among consumers, playing a pivotal role in establishing Renault’s presence in the Indian market.

After the initial success, competition in the mid-size SUV segment intensified, causing the once-sought-after Renault Duster to lose some of its allure. However, Renault is gearing up to reclaim its prominence in the market with a new iteration of the Duster, boasting a refreshed design and modern features that promise to make waves once again.

Price Starts with 10 Lakhs only

Unveiling the New Renault Duster’s Engine and Power

While media reports indicate that the engine of the New Renault Duster remains unchanged, it continues to house a 1498 cc, 1.5-liter petrol engine. This powerhouse delivers a maximum power output of 104.55 BHP at 5600 RPM and a peak torque of 142 Nm at 4000 RPM. The vehicle is likely to feature a 5-speed manual gearbox for a dynamic driving experience.

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Modern Features Redefined

True to the evolving automotive norms, the New Renault Duster is being developed in adherence to the new BS VI 2.0 emission standards. Retaining its 50-liter fuel tank capacity, the vehicle encompasses essential features like power steering, power windows, adjustable steering, AC, and heater. Elevating the driving experience are advanced amenities including ventilated seats, automatic climate control, remote trunk opener, and air quality control.

Price Starts with 10 Lakhs only

Pricing and Affordability

When it comes to pricing, the earlier Renault Duster models ranged from Rs 8.49 lakh to Rs 14.25 lakh. With the upcoming model, reports suggest a potential price point of approximately Rs. 10 lakhs ex-showroom. This competitive pricing aims to position the New Renault Duster as a compelling choice in the mid-size SUV segment, capturing the attention of both existing enthusiasts and new seekers.

Resurgence and Reinvention

The New Renault Duster is more than just a vehicle; it embodies Renault’s commitment to delivering innovative design and performance in a highly competitive landscape. With its updated features, captivating design, and anticipated affordability, the New Renault Duster is poised to reignite excitement and captivate the hearts of adventure-seekers once again.

Stay tuned as Renault prepares to unveil this revamped marvel, poised to redefine the mid-size SUV experience and reclaim its position as a dynamic and preferred choice among Indian consumers.


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