Honda Shine SP 160: Unveiling Honda’s Power-Packed Marvel for Indian Roads

Honda Shine SP 160: Honda, a dominant player in the Indian motorcycle market, continues to make its mark with a series of impressive launches. With a legacy of success and innovation, Honda’s commitment to delivering exceptional vehicles remains unwavering. Following the triumph of its recent offerings, such as the Shine 125 and Shine 100, Honda now introduces the highly anticipated Honda Shine SP 160cc variant. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this exciting addition:-

Honda Shine SP 160: Unveiling Honda's Power-Packed Marvel for Indian Roads

Elevated Design and Remarkable Specifications

Building on the foundation of the popular Honda Shine SP 125, the design of the Honda Shine SP 160 retains a familiar charm. Under the hood, a robust 162.71 cc four-stroke engine takes center stage, propelling the vehicle with an impressive 13.2 hp power at 7500 rpm and 14.5 Nm peak torque at 5500 rpm. The vehicle boasts a 12-litre fuel tank and maintains a comfortable ground clearance of 170mm.


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Tire Size, Weight, and Disc Brake Variants

The Honda Shine SP 160 offers both single and double disc brake variants to cater to diverse preferences. The single-disc variant has a curb weight of 139 kg, while the double-disc variant slightly increases to 148 kg. A wheelbase of 1347 mm ensures stability and agility on the road. The front wheel features a 17-inch tire of 80/100, complemented by a rear wheel with a 17-inch tire of 130/70.

Dynamic Braking and Suspension System

The Honda Shine SP 160 is equipped with superior braking capabilities. The front houses a 276 mm disc brake, and the rear features a 220 mm disc brake. Alternatively, the drum brake variant showcases a 130 mm drum brake for rear-wheel control. Suspension components include a telescopic suspension at the front and a monoshock suspension at the rear, ensuring a comfortable ride across various terrains.

Honda Shine SP 160: Unveiling Honda's Power-Packed Marvel for Indian Roads

Honda Shine SP 160 Price and Prominence

Positioned on the platform of the renowned Honda Unicorn, the Honda Shine SP 160 offers both familiarity and innovation. In terms of pricing, Honda remains competitive by aligning the ex-showroom price at Rs.1,17,500/-. This strategic pricing places the vehicle in a desirable range, captivating the attention of prospective buyers.

The Honda Shine SP 160 exemplifies Honda’s dedication to providing enhanced performance, contemporary design, and a compelling riding experience. As Honda enthusiasts and motorcycle enthusiasts alike anticipate its market presence, the Honda Shine SP 160 stands poised to amplify the legacy of excellence associated with the brand.

Stay tuned for more updates as the Honda Shine SP 160 prepares to shine brightly on Indian roads, embodying the perfect blend of power, style, and affordability.


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