CCCADI to host Afribembé Festival 2023 in the US

The Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI), in partnership with the Friends of Art Park Alliance (FAPA) and the National Jazz Museum in Harlem, will hold its fifth annual Afribembé Festival on 12 August.

Chimurenga Renaissance will perform at Afribembé Festival 2023. Photo: Dang Tra Xuan Minh

Running under the theme, Black to the Future, the event, scheduled to take place from 12pm to 6pm at the Harlem Art Park on East 120th Street between Lexington and Third Avenues, will honour pan-African artistry, intellectuality and musicality. It also aims to “elevate Afrofuturism from a global diasporic lens with Africa at the centre.”

Artists programmed for the event include Grammy-nominated percussionist Pedrito Martinez (Cuba), Combo Chimbita (US/Colombia), Chimurenga Renaissance (US/Zimbabwe), Imani Uzuri (US), Asase Yaa African American Dance Theater (US), Chief Awosanmi Sekou Alaje (US) and DJ Bembona (Puerto Rico/Panama/US).

The organisers said the artists at the festival would “utilise global diasporic rhythms and sounds to move festivalgoers through statements of black identity, agency and freedom.”

“Afribembé intentionally seeks to inspire our community to envision and create a liberated future for the entire African diaspora,” a statement reads. “This festival invites us to tap into our shared art and culture to do the same.

The CCCADI aims to promote cultural equity and social justice within African descendant communities. Through its work, the CCCADI offers a collective space where African descendants honour the contributions of the global African diaspora through exhibitions, performances, conferences, educational programmes and international exchanges.

Chimurenga Renaissance – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

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